Code for this project is part of Open3D.

Colored Point Cloud Registration

How to use:
- Step 1. Read and follow Open3D getting started page.
- Step 2. Follow the colored point cloud registration tutorial.

reconstructed scene Initial alignment

reconstructed scene Point-to-plane ICP

reconstructed scene Colored point cloud registration

Scene Reconstruction Pipeline

Open3D has an implementation of reconstruction pipeline introduced in our ICCV paper.
A tutorial for the pipeline can be found here.

reconstructed scene


ManuallyAlignPointCloud included in Open3D is used for evaluation. The RGBD camera used for the experiment was not manually calibrated - Primesense default parameters are used instead. This occur scale error on the reconstruction, so we use ManuallyAlignPointCloud as a tool for point-to-point ICP with scale variation. For the pair comparison, we apply the same steps for all the baseline methods.

Click this to download transformation matrices and manually picked correspondences used for evaluating our results. (requested by Thomas Schöps)