These reconstructions were produced by the pipeline presented in our CVPR 2015 paper. If you use these models, please cite the paper.

SUN3D scenes

The source data is described on this site.

Scene Trajectory Mesh Preview
hotel_umd TXT PLY
harvard_c5 TXT PLY
harvard_c6 TXT PLY
harvard_c8 TXT PLY
mit_32_d507 TXT PLY
mit_76_studyroom TXT PLY
mit_dorm_next_sj TXT PLY
mit_lab_hj TXT PLY
ICL-NUIM sequences

The source data is described on this page.

Scene Trajectory Mesh Preview
Living Room 1 TXT PLY
Living Room 2 TXT PLY
Office 1 TXT PLY
Office 2 TXT PLY